We know the SAT/ACT inside and out. Which types of algebra and geometry problems to expect. We teach how to make sense of text that is designed to be confusing! Students learn how to understand coupled questions, graphs, charts, and diagrams used on the SAT/ACT. Students who prep with us have much higher scores than those who don't. Thinking of applying to an Ivy League School? Don't bother unless you are in the mid 1400's. State schools want 1200 minimum with a high GPA. You could chance it and take the test uncoached or you could make sure you maximize your super score. 

Improving your score is simple: 

1. Work on skills that keep showing up on recent SAT Tests

2. Become comfortable with the format of the test.

3. Learn how to manage time and emotions during the test. 

4. Work with someone who is an expert in the subject they are teaching who has years of experience helping students raise their SAT/ACT scores.