Harford Tutoring is not a chain. Harford Tutoring is owned by a certified teacher. We only offer one on one tutoring. Our prices are listed. See Pricing tab. 

Harford Tutoring Center is safe. Tutors are supervised by the site coordinator at the center. Parents may choose to observe the tutoring session, sit in the waiting room or drop the student off. 

Harford Tutoring is Convenient: As a parent, you can feel confident knowing that your child will have the help he/she will need to get through a tough subject from start to finish. It is easy. You give the schedule.  Drop off your child or stay in the waiting room. Problem solved. 

There is no down time like the student would experience in a classroom or online learning program. Tutoring is a time to focus on what the student is missing with a person who can help. 

We are part of the community in Harford County. Every tutor we have lives in Harford County. We choose to hire tutors who teach because they love it. Each tutor has their own personal style that works. That makes a difference.